Dedicated Fleet Management

Dedicated Fleet Management

De Sousa Logistics is a market-leading provider of outsourced fleet management solutions. Explore our benefits below:

  • A team of established industry experts: We have over three decades of direct experience managing small to large applications.  
  • Significantly reduce your operating costs with our flexible, efficient solutions through route optimization software. 
  • Enjoy continuous service reliability through our outsourced fleet program, which focuses on enhancing customer retention and growth. 
  • Focus on your core business objectives; our hassle-free service solution frees up your time and prevents any of the typical headaches associated with managing a fleet operation. 
  • Experience the benefits of our trained driver back-ups, always there to provide you with immaculate service reliability and consistency. 
  • Maximize your business outcomes: our continuous improvement program helps you achieve optimal performance through regular hands-on route audits.  
  • Flexibility, no matter what: our contract fleet resources expand or contract based on increased or decreased sales. 
  • Peace of mind: we offer the elimination of company exposure on insurance and vehicle liabilities. 
  • A cohesive and smart image: we come equipped with branded vehicles and driver uniforms, decked out with your company logo. 
  • Course correction: we offer in-depth GPS tracking technology, allowing quick response corrections. 

Curious to find out more? Contact us today to receive additional information on how we can help you streamline and improve your fleet management processes. 

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